Mo is one determined little guy.  This has become especially clear since he's become mobile.  He will crawl over or under just about anything (often times it is a sleeping Jake) to get to where he wants to go.  As part of our morning routine, we bring him into bed with us.  He gets up really early - usually around 5 or 5:30, sometimes as early as 4:45.  We "sleep" while he drinks his bottle and then watches "Pajanimals".  I'll save the way that we know every word to every episode by heart for another day.  Today, I am focused on his determination. 

As soon as he hears the closing song of the show, he flips himself around and starts climbing up the pillows, over our faces, up to the headboard of our bed.  The headboard isn't really a standard headboard, it is a shelf with opening cabinets and there is some "great" stuff up there - our alarm clock that holds an old iPod, usually a Carmex, Ted's baseball cap, a box of kleenex and the white noise machine that all three of us currently need to get a good night's sleep.  We don't really like him crawling up there because hazards abound - including a brick wall, a huge gap between the mattress and the headboard, and all sorts of wires and plugs.  If he climbs up there, we have to be alert, sitting up and watching him - which neither of us really wants to do at 5 am.  So, we continuously pull him back down, swing an arm around him and put on another episode of his favorite show.   Of course his favorite show would be only 15 minutes long - so every 15 minutes, the whole cycle repeats over and over again until we just either have to give in and supervise the headboard climb or get up and get breakfast ready for him.  It's our new Mo alarm clock.

We keep wondering when he is going to tire of this routine and get bored of our headboard but considering these photos were taken this morning - I think it may be a while.

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Taryn said...

He is hilarious! It is amazing how focused they can be at this age...who knew? All we hear about is the 'short attention span' of babies, but you don't hear so much about how obsessed they can become with one thing if it catches their interst. Somehow they have PLENTY of attention to devote to that beloved activity (and it's usually one that we don't want them to do. My 15 month old thought it was a fantastic idea to sit in the fireplace, and was willing to fight for the right to do so). So funny. Mo is darling AND daring.