Small Victories

After the Passport Photo victory this week, I was feeling unstoppable and decided to go for another challenge - one that I had been trying to conquer for a little more than two years already: CONTACT LENSES.

Contact Lenses have worn me down.  They have tested my nerves and my inner strength.  Ask my poor friend Bianca, who was here with me one day when trying to get a lens out of my eye literally threw me into a panic attack.  Oh!  It was bad.

Ted and I went to Costco last week to get party supplies and I decided to stop by the optometrists office to see if I could get my contact prescription.  You see, they won't even let you take home your prescription unless you can show them how you can get the contacts in and out of your eyes.  Since I have never been able to do that, I've never come home with the prescription.  Somehow, the woman sitting at the desk just handed mine over two weeks ago.  Just like that.

I rushed home and ordered a box for my left eye and a box for my right and checked the excitedly checked the mailbox every day this week.  They finally came on Friday night.

I am very pleased to announce that I successfully put in, wore, and then took out my contacts yesterday and I am wearing them again RIGHT NOW!  This might seem like a small feet to many but you'll just have to trust me on this one - it feels very, very big.  I take what I can get these days in the way of feeling "in control" and this one totally counts for me!

Contact Lenses - you have been quite the competitor, but this time: YOU LOSE!

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