Mo is sick

Mo has his first cold. He's got an awful cough and is wheezing, sniffling and sneezing. We moved him into his own room in Monday night, before we realized he was really sick. He did fine sleeping on his own. I, on the other hand woke up every couple of hours, all night long. I finally woke up for good on Tuesday morning at 4 am and just waited for him to get up.  

Yesterday, his cough got progressively worse all day so I took him to the pediatrician around 3.  She told me that he sounded sick but that I didnt need to worry too much.  Fat Chance!  Even so, I had already broken down the pack and play in our room and decided to put him to sleep in his own room again. His room is much smaller than ours, so I reasoned that it would be a better space for the humidifier.

But as it got closer to our bedtime, I started worrying.  Maybe he would be better with us. I know I would feel better if he was with us.  Halfway through our episode of Sons of Anarchy, during a scene with tons of crying babies, Mo woke up in his room and started crying himself. I went to get him and he was snotty and breathing heavy and so uncomfortable. That was it - I asked Ted to reset up the pack and play.  I was much happier having him with us. My plan is to move him back to his own room when he is feeling better. I think if I wait too much longer, he won't want to sleep in there and right now, he doesn't seem to know the difference.

I'm trying not to freak out about his being sick. Trying - sometimes succeeding.  I am sure he will be fine. He's in good spirits, crawling around, making a mess and smiling a lot.  Babies get sick - People get sick! He'll be fine.


Egreeno said...

Poor Mo! Glad he is still in good spirits despite the cold - hope he gets better quick and that you get though it staying positive. It's totally understandable for you to worry and I admire your calmness greatly!

Rose said...

I totally understand your worry! Its so natural. I know when my kids are sick (especially Gracie) I can go down a real rabbit hole... replaying painful and scary decision relating to illnesses from the past, etc. It definitely isn't just that I feel bad that the kids feel bad. I am genuinely petrified. I feel as though, at any moment something precipitously horrible could happen. And I am waiting for it, every minute.
Last October, Gracie had a fever for four days and I spent the entire time in a fugue state, not sleeping well. I think I spent a $100 at CVS on every kind of pain reliever, hydration drink-- I don't even remember what else...
My Dad has a speech on this subject-- that the heavy-duty, fearful worrying does no one any good. It does not make me more attentive or vigilant, it only makes what is very likely a routine thing a bleak, scary experience. I've tried so hard to take these words to heart-- not in a self-critical way, just because this is sound advice and much more the way that I aim to be-- always as peaceful and brave as I can be-- as a mother and a person. I know this is especially important as the kids get older, because being sick sometimes is a part of life and they (hopefully) don't need any other message from me than that.
It is always a challenge for me. And for now, I just feel proud of the moments where I do stay above-ground and positive.
But I also have learned to break some of my regular rules when the kids are sick, for me and for them. They can sleep with us, they can drink Sprite mixed with water, or at one low point, chocolate milk in a bottle. Once they are feeling better, it isn't hard to go back to business as usual.
Also, our pediatrician always emphasizes that if they are smiling and cruising around, then they feel better than the cough or fever might lead us to believe. This makes sense to me and comforts me.
Sending lots of love to all of you!

Anonymous said...

He'll be fine, but watch for his skin "pulling in" at his ribs or neck. It's called retraction, and a sign that his lungs are pulling in hard for air. My son got asthma attacks induced by colds when he was that age. My friends' kids all seem to have gone through it too (related to the increase in children's allergies). It's eaaily treatable if you stay on top of it. Go with your gut, don't be afraid to seem "panicky." I was so embarassed to call 911 the first time it happened (the dr told me to over the phone) but everyone in the ER said it was EXACTLY the right thing to do. He got medicine, breathing treatments, and was home the next day. Hang in there!