Friday, August 30, 2013

Look how psyched little Mo is when he makes it to the top of the bed! Sometimes we have to let him get up there just so we can see this happy face!

I'm CRAZY about this baby!!


Jayden's Mommy said...

He is just amazing. The smile is contagious. Love it, Kira

Chantel said...

I love that it shows 6:40 am. Before you had kids did you ever think sleeping until 7 am would be a luxury? I know I didn't.

He's just darling.

Anonymous said...

He's so proud of himself:) So sweet.

jessica said...

Love, love, love!!!! That is such a great smile. He is SO proud of himself (as you should be Mo!!). Love you all so much. xo

Mimi said...

That is one SUPER CUTE kid!!!!

You're a great climber Mo!!! Good Job!

Egreeno said...

Too cute!! Just made my day way better seeing that expression!

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